Summer STEM Opportunities

The 3rd pillar of the Catalyzing Inclusive STEM Experience All Year Round (CISTEME365) project is to provide connections and scholarships to middle and high school students from participating IDEA Team schools and STEM Clubs to attend existing STEM summer camps at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Summer Camp & Scholarship Application

Students participating in CISTEME365 schools must apply using the CISTEME365 form directly below. For students outside of the CISTEME365 network, please apply using the public application(s) available on the camp websites.

Summer 2021 applications are closed.

Scholarship Eligibility

This scholarship is available to any applicant who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The applicant regularly attended a CISTEME365 participating STEM club.
  • The student is enrolled in a CISTEME365 school and is a member of a group that is under-represented in the field of their chosen camp, such as women or gender non-binary individuals; students with a disability; students from underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities.
  • The student is enrolled in a CISTEME365 school and would be the first among their immediate family members to earn a degree from a 4yr college or university.
  • The student is enrolled in a CISTEME365 school can demonstrate financial need based on household income and the number of members in the household.

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for attendance at the applicable summer camps in the year same year they are applying for the scholarship.

Summer 2021 Options

All camps will be virtual for Summer 2021.

Watch the recorded Summer STEM Opportunities webinar to learn more about these programs.

4 photograph collage including: 1) a processor connected to a breadboard by wires, 2) an airplane glider created from kit supplies, 3) a person standing to the left of a whiteboard that displays movement patterns from motion sensors on human, and 4) a collage from Zoom webinar campers.
Examples of camper projects and a collage of a camper group from Summer 2020 What It Takes Virtual Camp.

For rising 7th – 9th-grade students

For rising 8th – 12th-grade students

For rising 9th – 12th-grade students

For rising 10th – 12th-grade students

For rising 11th – 12th-grade students

  • High School Summer STEM Research Programs (11th – 12th grade) [June 14-July 30, 2021]–Please note that there is a limited number of slots available for this option. Be sure to include a second-choice option.

*Find out more about EAGER and IDEA camp tracks on the Summer Camps Frequently Asked Questions page. All are welcome to apply.

2021 Grainger Engineering Summer Programs flyer (PDF)